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Belgian Blues Awards Upcoming !

In 2023, we successfully coordinated the highly anticipated Belgian Blues Challenge and hosted our first Belgian Blues Night. These events showcased the immense blues talent present within our country. Building upon this momentum, we are excited to launch the inaugural edition of the Belgian Blues Awards in 2024. This event aims to recognize and honor the exceptional talent and contributions of Belgian musicians, individuals, and organizations in the blues. As we continue to strengthen our position as a prominent force in the blues community, it is only fitting that we establish an official platform to acknowledge those who have made a significant impact on the Belgian blues scene.


The Belgian Blues Awards 2024 will consist of nine categories:


  • Vocalist

  • Instrumentalist

  • Solo/Duo act

  • Band

  • Artist

  • Album

  • Club

  • Festival

  • Keeping The Blues Alive Award

The nomination process for the Belgian Blues Awards is exclusive to members of the Belgian Blues Federation. By becoming a member, you not only gain access to the opportunity to propose nominations but also support the growth and development of blues music in Belgium. Additionally, as a member, you will benefit from valuable connections within an extensive blues network and enjoy discounted admission to our events. To join the Belgian Blues Federation and become eligible to participate in the nomination process for the Belgian Blues Awards, simply navigate to the 'membership' section. We will provide further details on how nominations can be submitted once all aspects of this exciting initiative have been finalized.


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