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BBF officially Affiliate Member of the Blues Foundation

We are thrilled to share some incredible news with you all. The Belgian Blues Federation (BBF) has been officially recognized as an 'Affiliate Member' by the Blues Foundation. This renowned organization, based in Memphis (U.S.A.), is dedicated to preserving the rich heritage of blues music, promoting it on a global scale, and supporting various projects within the blues community. Their mission extends beyond mere admiration for this art form; they actively strive to ensure its enduring legacy by passing on knowledge and fostering its growth among younger generations.

Being accepted as an Affiliate Member signifies that the BBF has become an integral part of this esteemed worldwide network. As a result, Belgium now possesses an exciting opportunity: our country can send not only the winner of the Belgian Blues Challenge to the European Blues Challenge but also to the International Blues Challenge in Memphis. However, there is one condition: our affiliation must be established for at least one year before we can participate in the IBC. Consequently, while we eagerly await January 2025, when our nomination will finally be permissible, let us focus on celebrating Thomas Frank Hopper as he represents our nation at the upcoming European Blues Challenge in Braga (Portugal) this April. Furthermore, we have already approached him about his potential participation in Memphis for 2025 - stay tuned for more updates!


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