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1. BBC Dates

The BBC will be held annually during a weekend day  within the time frame of begin-oktober to end-november. The date will be decided by the Belgian Blues Federation (BBF)  in consultation with the BBC Host. Date set for 2024 is 5th October.

2. Subcribing Deadlines of Participating Musicians at the BBC: Start date is April 9th 2024 and closing date is April 30th 2024

3. All participating musicians must accept the BBC Contest Regulations and Guidelines.

4. Challenge Rules


The total number of band members is limited to 10.


At least 50% of the members of the bands must have the Belgian nationality of and/or reside in Belgium.


The name of the act or band and the names of all musicians and their instruments must be announced and the musicians must commit themselves to be present at the BBC, unless there is a force majeure cause preventing their participation. The line-up of the participating acts cannot be changed as from the subscription for the national selection until the European Blues Challenge (EBC), unless force majeure accepted by the EBU (European Blues Union) board, who will make a decision in last resort.


The participating musicians are allowed to perform in only one participating band or act.


All participating musicians must commit to pay for their own travel and accommodation costs. This also applies to the winning act while participating to the EBC and IBC.


The winning act or band of an earlier BBC edition may not participate again.


Acts or bands having participated in an earlier BBC edition, but not having won, may participate again.


Each act will perform for 20 minutes at the most, followed by a 5-10 minutes change over for the next act. A synchronized clock will be visible both on stage for the participating acts,as well as for the jury. Following penalty system will be applied for acts who exceed the 20 min. performance time:


If an act exceeds the performance time for more than 30 seconds, there will be a penalty of total 20% from the final score of act


If an act exceeds the performance time for more than 60 seconds, there will be a penalty of total 40% from the final score of act


If an act exceeds the performance time for more than 90 seconds, there will be a total penalty of 60% points from the final score of act


If an act exceeds the performance time for more than 2 minutes, the act will be disqualified.


The penalty will not be applied by individual jury members, but by the BBF board team that collects and calculates all votes. Only the highest penalty will be applied.


Participating acts or bands cannot claim any financial remuneration for performing at the BBC.


Participating acts or bands may bring up to 25 CDs/DVDs to be sold at a dedicated stand at the event venue.


In case the nominated act or band is not able to attend the EBC due to force majeure reasons, the BBF can appoint the band or artist who finished second at finale If also this act or band declines, then the third position can be appointed.


Each act or band explicitly authorizes the BBF and the EBU and/or the organizer to make video and/or audio recordings of their performance intended for promotional use.


All acts or bands shall use the same backline being made made available by the BBC host. Bands cannot use their own sound technicians.



5. Performance Order of the BBC Bands

The BBC host will assign the performance order of the participating acts and bands by a raffle. 


The names of participating bands are written on identical voting slips and deposited in an urn to be extracted one by one. 


6.BBC Prizes

The BBF Board is responsible to identify and realize BBC prizes and will establish a Working Committee to consult different festivals and other organizations or authorities for potential awards or donations. Typically the prize includes the right to perform at the European Blues Challenge.


7. BBC Jury

The Jury which will evaluate the performing acts is composed of a maximum of six (6) judges, who all need to be recognized blues experts.

 One substitute judge will also be appointed.



The identity of the judges shall not be made public until the start of the BBC.


The judges will receive individual voting forms for each act. The evaluation is based on the following criteria:


1. Blues Content

2. Originality

3. Vocal talent

4. Instrumental talent

5. Stage Presence


Each category is scored by circling the appropriate number on a scale 1- 10.

Categories have multipliers.

“Blues content" is multiplied by factor 3.

“Originality" by factor 2.

"vocal talent” remain valid at a factor of 1

"instrumental talent" remain valid at a factor of 1

"stage presence" remain valid at a factor of 1.


Overall, the bands will therefore be assessed on a scale of 80 points in total.

The criteria will be ranked in order of importance. In case of an equal score, the winner will be designated according to this ranking. If the equal score then still remains, which seems rather hypothetical, the winner will be declared by a majority decision of the entire jury. If there is no majority then the vote of the oldest jury member will be decisive.

The judges have the opportunity to provide constructive written comments about each act with the objective to provide individual feedback on their performances.


8. Selling of CDs, Magazines, T-shirts, Merchandise at the BBC


A stand for the selling of band merchandise will be set up at the venue.

All participating acts or bands may bring up to 25 CDs for sale at the stand at identical prices fixed by the BBF Board.


The organizer of the BBC event will arrange for a table next to the merchandise sales stand to allow for musicians to sign autographs.


9. Dispute Resolution

In case of a dispute about the selection process, or if the interpretation or the execution of the present regulations cannot be solved amicably, the dispute shall be solved by a committee of three BBF Board members after having heard all parties involved. The dispute resolution procedure will be held in Dutch or French. The decision of this committee is final.

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