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1. Nominations

Nominations are submitted by the members of the Belgian Blues Federation. Each member can only submit once.

The nominations must be within the described scope of each category. An invalid nomination will be removed from the list.

A double nomination within the same category will result in only one vote, there is no consolidation of the multiple identical nominations

in the same category.

Categories are :

• Vocalist
• Instrumentalist
• Solo/Duo act
• Band
• Artist
• Album
• Club
• Festival
• Keeping The Blues Alive Award

Bands must have at least 50% of its members who are either Belgian nationals or residents of Belgium.

Similarly, individuals looking to qualify should either hold Belgian nationality or have their place of residence in Belgium. As for clubs and festivals, they must be situated within the borders of Belgium. Nomination proposals for bands, individuals, clubs, or festivals that do not meet these requirements will be considered invalid.

From March 1, 2024, to March 31, 2024, all BBF members can submit their nomination proposals through the form on our website


2. Shortlist

After the nomination round, the votes will be processed and a top five will be published. In the case of ex aequo there will be a voting round within

the board of the specific nominations with the same number of votes.

3. Voting

The online voting form can be accessed and completed by everyone. Only one vote per individual will be validated.

The voting system will prevent multiple votes, but in the event of bypassing this restriction the BBF will remove these submissions from the 

database. If there is a suspicion of fraude in the voting process by detection irregularities in entries (e.g. multiple identical votes from the same IP adress) the BBF wil also remove these votes.

4. Dispute Resolution

In case of a dispute about the nominations  process, or if the interpretation or the execution of the present regulations cannot be solved amicably, the dispute shall be solved by a committee of three BBF Board members after having heard all parties involved. The dispute resolution procedure will be held in Dutch or French. The decision of this committee is final.

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